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Fall Groups Announced

People want to connect and to share their stories, to feel a sense of community and to share what they have learned with others. Facilitating closed groups allows for an increased level of sharing and depth. After finishing up a few over the spring and summer, it’s time to gear up for another round of closed groups for the fall.

Fall 2014 Group Therapy Offerings

What is the difference between an open group and a closed group?
Open groups are open to anyone actively involved in the Willow Wellness and Recovery Suboxone program. You may drop in at any time without advanced notice. Closed groups are conducted for a specific amount of time with a particular purpose and require participants to sign up in advance.

for Suboxone Program members 

1st Tuesday of each month | 6-7:30pm | Multi-Family Group Therapy
This group provides support for clients and their supportive family members. Each group will present a recovery-related topic for discussion. This group is appropriate for supportive family members or friends at least 16 years old.

6-7pm | Skills Essential to Recovery
Every Tuesday other than 1st Tuesday when Multi-Family Group meets
This is an excellent group for those new to recovery as well as those in later stages interested in sharing their knowledge and growth process. The focus of this group is building a strong foundation for recovery. It is a mixture of education, support and practical skills. It heavily draws upon concepts from Seeking Safety and Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

9-10am | Cultivating Recovery
This resiliency-based group consists of education, support and positive psychology exercises aimed at building human strengths. Positive psychology views the “good life” as a combination of three things – connection to others, positive individual traits and life regulation qualities. The group covers topics such as motivation, mindfulness, relationships, creativity, well-being across the lifespan, religion and spirituality. This group is ideal for those in middle to late recovery but is open to everyone in the program.

10:30-11:30am | Mindful Recovery

This group uses mindfulness to develop a recovery lifestyle. Groups are built around the Ten Doorways of Mindful Recovery from Mindful Recovery, Mindfulness and the 12-Steps, and The Mindfulness Workbook for Addiction. Each group explores how mindfulness can be used to develop greater self-understanding and acceptance. This group is good for all stages of recovery.

for Suboxone Program members or interested community members
(subject to brief screening)



The Art of Recovery | August 20—September 24 | 6-7:30pm
This experiential group encourages creativity as a tool for healing and growth. Each week, creative expressive arts therapy exercises will explore issues such as identity, connection, strength, compassion, autonomy and goal setting. The importance of the process of the work rather than the content (what it looks like!) is emphasized so no prior art experience is required. This group is appropriate for those in recovery from addictive behaviors or any mental health or related issues.

Practicing Mindfulness Through Photography | October 15—Nov 19 | 6-7:30pm

This unique group uses photography as a self- exploration and healing tool. Members will be invited to bring old photos to share with the group and will be given assignments in between groups. Though no fancy equipment is required, you will need access to a camera of your choosing. Though you may learn some technical skills, this class is focused on the process of mindfulness and “seeing the magic of the ordinary” when capturing images.


Writing for Recovery | August 21—September 25 | 9-10:30am
This group utilizes writing to awaken your creativity and encourage your own unique voice to emerge, enabling a more authentic life. Group members will have the opportunity to write and share during group each week. Exercises may include timed-writings with prompts, guided imagery and home assignments. Group members are encouraged to bring a favorite notebook or journal and a favorite pen.

Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention | October 16—November 20 | 9-11am
This is a research-based, structured group focusing on learning mindfulness as a relapse prevention tool. These groups are 2 hours and include mindfulness meditation. This group is for those in middle to later recovery who have established a recovery lifestyle.